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The devastating floods that hit Quebec in May were a cold, rude awakening to homeowners about the importance of proper plumbing in the home.

It also brought one of the most crucial plumbing tools into the spotlight—the sump pump.

While some homeowners might be somewhat associated with the function of the sump pump, a lot of people—homeowners or not, are still in the dark about just how crucial the sump pump is, and more importantly, what it does.

What is a Sump Pump?

It’s a pump used to remove excess water that’s been gathering in a basin. Typically, it’s in the basement of homes in specially-constructed sump pits, also placed where flooding is mostly likely to occur. It works to solve the issue of dampness. The main job of the sump pump works to pump water out of the pit and keep it away from the building to ensure dryness in the basement/crawlspace.

How do they turn on?

Sump pumps are mostly turned on automatically through the use of a float activator or pressure sensor. The float activator operates similarly to the float activator that works in a toilet, and the pressure sensor goes into action when water provides more pressure than air, forcing the pump to engage.

Sump pumps play a crucial role in keeping our homes dry, which is why they’re so important to check up on and maintain—you never know when a flood can occur.

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